What are your rates?

We have an hourly rate and we also have a day rate for an 8 hour session (which includes a break). It’s best to contact us when trying to figure out your budget; to discuss your needs and goals specifically. A lot of this info will let us know how much setup time will be involved and we might have ideas about how to cut costs for you too. Check out our rates page for more information.

Do you record live bands?

Yes, we have access to other studios in Austin where we can track with a full band live in one room. This is how we used to record and we really love to do projects this way. When you’re able to see and connect with your band mates as you’re all playing together, all of those good vibes go into your recording.

How do we get started?

You can bring any rehearsal or live recordings with you to the session. Make sure you and your band know the material very well.